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Energy provider use PanoCloud solutions to control the heat at transformer stations. At wind turbines this can be used for ecological observation or to control the icing state of rotor blades. Traffic monitoring, flight control or wildlife watching is also possible.

Ideal solutions – PanoCloud camera systems help you monitor and control your machines. Whether with a panorama camera or a thermal imaging camera, you always have an optimal view of your area. Through the image archive, you quickly recognize changes and respond to tendencies efficiently.

Industry camera collection

Wind farms with wind turbines deliver electricity, and with a PanoCloud camera system, standstills are easily detected with a single click. In addition, it is visually checked whether icing or wind sensors provide accurate values. This visual inspection can be supplemented by sight marks using PanoCloud Viewer to display relevant information per wind turbine. In winter, road access to the wind turbines are controlled so that snow removal can be planed.

360° panoramic cameras are ideal for ecological observations around wind turbines. Thus, ecological changes in long-term observations are easily apparent, especially with a time-lapse film.

PanoCloud solutions are already in use at wind farms in Austria, as well as for the construction documentation of wind turbines. In Vienna, our camera systems are also used to monitor road traffic.

traffic monitoring


Thermal camera





Temperature control – A PanoCloud thermal imaging camera displays surface temperatures of machines which is used for control. This helps to quickly predict and eliminate declines of efficiencies via long-term recordings. Specially defined alarm zones are triggered if temperature ranges exceed or undercut. Due to monitoring you will be informed immediately.

Whether indoor or outdoor, our robust PanoCloud solutions are designed for continuous operation, even in icy conditions.





  • monitoring and control of machines with camera systems
  • long-term recording with image archive to detect tendencies
  • control of surface temperatures with self-defined colors
  • monitoring and alarm when predefined temperature zones are exceeded
  • indoor and outdoor systems optionally with weather values
  • visual inspection including visual marks in the picture thanks to PanoCloud Viewer
  • Time lapse recordings for public relations and integration of the webcam pictures on the homepage


Industry camera solution