D ata Protection

Legally secured – With our PanoCloud systems, sensitive areas can be pixelated.

Buildings or properties in the picture are provided with a static pixelation, thereby areas are adapted according to your needs and projects.


pixelated area 1

Tourism: Pictures are saved on our server for one year, so that guests can experience your location in the image archive in every season. After one year, all data will be deleted irrevocably. Time-delayed video clips or real time streams are not saved.


pixelated area 2

Construction: Images and time-lapse films of the entire project are stored on our server. After completion of the construction project, these data will be irrevocably deleted. At your request, we will send you this data stored on a USB flash drive, for public relations and construction documentation.


Alternatively, there is also flexible pixelation, whereby all moving objects in one image – people and vehicles – are calculated out. This can be set up in addition to static pixelation or independently of this if desired. Link for Privacy Protector

Privacy Protector / automated removed individuals

PanoCloud VPN Box – the VPN box ensures a secure connection between your system (camera, weather station, …) and our platform. This allows easy and fast remote maintenance. The VPN router obtains an IP address via DHCP as standard, and can also be statically configured if required. The MAC address can also be transmitted in advance for the purpose of DHCP reservation (ARP binding) on ​​request.


Of course, PanoCloud webcams can be provided with password protection to make all information accessible only to certain people.