P artners

We are looking for partners!

Distributors benefit from attractive commission and ongoing support.
  • we train our partners
  • we offer ongoing support
  • we provide documents and material
Partners and companies who install cameras themselves receive a dealer discount on the software. As a partner, you advise your customers and install the hardware (camera), the software is provided by WebMediaSolutions.     Advantages for the customer and the dealer
  • you advise, sell, install and maintain the camera
  • your customer has you as a contact person nearby
  • we provide the software service
Once the camera has been installed and configured by you, everything else will be done remotely. We create the setup according to your specifications. At your request, we also coordinate these steps directly with the end customer. The cloud service runs on our server platform in a modern data center with uninterrupted power, redundant power supply (UPS), high-speed Internet backbone, security access systems, extinguishing system ... We deliver you amazing images and marketing opportunities!
Content partner/webcam partner - we provide our webcams free of charge for linking. An API provides all the necessary up-to-date information.
  • weather platforms
  • webcam platforms
  • TV channel
  • portals
  See  media package for further information.


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