A ctionPhotoCam with Video

Would you like a little more? More revenue, more guests, more visibility:
Our ActionPhotoCam makes it possible!

Our ActionPhotoCams capture photos or videos of your guests during the ride. Despite the fast-paced action, they capture unforgettable moments full of happiness and adrenaline in the highest quality. They are the perfect memories for your customers and at the same time a marketing tool for you.

  • No-Brainer: If your attraction is already profitable, then it is even more important to focus on photo sales. Our equipment costs a tiny fraction compared to purchasing a ride – yet you can still sell the photos at the price of a ride.
  • The high image quality and reliability of our systems increase the likelihood of sales. Our statistics show a high sales rate of up to 20% of rides. Especially when children are involved, parents cannot resist.
  • The investment is already recouped after just a few months.


Ideal for:

  • Summer toboggan runs / Mountain coaster
  • Bike parks
  • Zip-Lines
  • High ropes courses
  • Roller coasters
  • Water & dry slides


Every month without ActionPhotoCam, you are losing real money!


More opportunities, more revenue!
Sell photos and videos at the register or with our PhotoPrint Terminal.

Our system offers you the option to sell your photos and videos at your existing cash register and/or through our innovative vending machine.

The self-service vending machine is perfect for indoor and outdoor use and allows your customers to easily and conveniently print their own pictures. The best part? Even at highly frequented attractions, you won’t need additional staff!

  • A particularly stable body made of powder-coated steel
  • A bright and durable touch display made of anti-reflective composite glass (with built-in UV-IR protection against LED fading)
  • Payment options with card terminal and/or coin validator including tokens
  • Heating and ventilation for 24/7/365 operation in outdoor areas
  • Sealed dispensing flaps
  • Easy maintenance with lockable door, interior lighting, and pull-out drawers (e.g. for printers)
  • Professional, fast photo printer for picture formats: 10x15cm / 13x18cm / 15x20cm

  • Timely email alert functions for impending paper end, coin jam, full coin container, locker opening, and problems with the card reader
  • Optional receipt printer for physical receipts and/or sale of purely digital downloads (using web code and/or QR code)
  • Optional facial recognition for quickly locating the corresponding photos
  • Optional RFID reader for recognizing guests
  • Optional interior locker camera for monitoring maintenance tasks and coin container


The ActionPhotoCam as a marketing tool: Let your enthusiastic customers advertise for you

Experiences are often shared! Your customers promote your attractions on social media – shared joy is double joy. “Word of mouth” is the cheapest and most honest form of marketing!
By using a QR or web code on the printed photo or receipt, your guests can download or share photos or videos through a landing page. This allows them to easily share their experiences with their friends and followers on social media, creating a buzz around your attraction and potentially attracting new customers.

  Link to webcode

Optimize your business with our stats features!

Use the statistics functions to get an overview of the number of rides, sales, turnover and peak times. This gives you valuable information for your resource and sales planning and helps you to manage your business more effectively.

Example of the backend of an ActionPhotoCam with an overview of the photos for the sales system. From this data, statistics can be collected about all rides including the photos sold.

ActionCam Backend
ActionCam Statistic

Every month without ActionPhotoCam, you are losing real money!



Make your brand shine – customized overlays convey information and create a great atmosphere! In some cases, it’s advantageous to beautify the background or showcase attractions in their entirety.
Special overlays for various occasions such as Easter, Christmas, Halloween, or Valentine’s Day make beautiful memories unforgettable. Tailored bunny ears and other amusing elements provide additional fun and encourage some customers to purchase the same image in various versions.

ActionCam Pyramidenkogel

Speed measurement and leaderboards

Make your customers proud and increase purchasing motivation with speed and time measurement displayed directly on the image. Healthy competition among friends encourages repeat rides to beat the best time. With our leaderboards, daily results can be displayed, which further motivates and heats up the competition.


The perfect photo for everyone with our additional photo points

Not all riders are brave enough for your most spectacular attractions. But don’t worry, we have the solution! Complement your system with additional photo points. This will allow customers to take photos from perspectives that may not be possible with a smartphone and capture all your companions. Sales can be made through the same sales systems as our ActionPhotoCams.


Benefit from our many years of experience and reliable hardware

With over 20 years of experience on various attractions, the largest cruise ships, and systems in numerous countries, we are the ideal partner to realize your desires.

We offer you an all-around carefree package: we develop, produce, install, and maintain our systems with in-house employees. Our robust hardware ensures long-lasting, trouble-free operation, maximum profit, and reliable performance even under harsh environmental conditions.


Thats what our customers say…

“We recently decided to invest in a new ActionPhotoCam from WMS. Due to its excellent image quality and high reliability, we were able to significantly increase our photo sales figures. The investment costs for the new system were recouped within just a few months.
From the consultation through the installation to the commissioning, we were extremely well taken care of by the competent team at WMS. They responded very quickly to special requests and implemented them to our fullest satisfaction. We have found a competent partner for long-term cooperation with WebMediaSolutions.”
Ing. Manfred Mayer, Leiter IT, Kitzsteinhorn – Gletscherbahnen Kaprun AG

“Our long term, thriving partnership with WMS/PanoCloud has driven significant photo sales and customer satisfaction. The innovative overlay feature encourages multiple purchases of different versions of the same photo, while additional sales result from in-store photo buying. PanoCloud’s sales and printing system is fast, maintenance-free, and reliable.
Having worked with other providers in the past, PanoCloud stands out with its exceptional quality and remarkable price-perfromance ratio. This dependable partnership has greatly contributed to our success.”
Klaus Machne, General Manager / Partner, Tennessee – Moonshine Mountain Coaster

Without ActionPhotoCam, you’re wasting real money!



  • resolution up to 50 megapixel
  • robust outdoor system designed for continuous operation
  • optional with flash


  • Full HD video with 60 fps
  • robust outdoor system designed for continuous operation


  • resolution 50 megapixel
  • robust outdoor system designed for continuous operation
  • web-only or with sales system
  • simultaneous use with ActionPhotoCam