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What is a live panoramic camera?
A panorama camera is a webcam with a viewing angle of up to 360°. Live means that the images of a panoramic camera are updated several times per hour. s allows to experience a region live with a 360° panoramic view.


What can a PanoCloud panoramic camera be used for?
A panoramic camera can be used:


How do panoramic cameras comply with the DSGVO?
According to the EU General Data Protection Regulation no persons or license plates may be identifiable in webcam images. Likewise, all data must be stored on a server in the EU. These criteria are fulfilled by:


What kind of camera is suitable for my location?


Where can a PanoCloud panoramic camera be installed?


Which installation options are available?


Which requirements should be present at the camera location before installation?


With which end devices are PanoCloud images and videos retrievable?
The data can be watched on all devices such as desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, iPads, smartphones and iPhones.


What advantages does the PanoCloud Viewer offer you?


How can your PanoCloud panoramic camera be found?


How re PanoCloud panoramic cameras integrated into a homepage?


What is the difference between a video clip and live streaming?