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Burg Hochosterwitz – experience a special part of history


In one of the most beautiful valleys in Carinthia, Castle Hochosterwitz was on top of a 150 meter high limestone cliff. A visit is possible on foot or with the Fürst-Max-Bahn, and in addition to the spectacular panorama, every visitor can expect an extensive cultural program with concerts, picture exhibitions and festivals.

The armory, the weapons collection, a special collection of pictures from the Renaissance period or the world of medieval handicrafts can also be explored in this unique castle.




Visit Castle Hochosterwitz in Carinthia yourself and immerse yourself in the history of this unique stronghold!




You can also enjoy the unique view with a cool drink after the successful ascent through the 14 castle gates – the landmark of Hochosterwitz.

Or enjoy local Carinthian cuisine in the castle restaurant :-).