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The Magdalensberg is the first location with an Available Light Virtual Reality weather-panorama camera: At a time, where the standards for precise weather forecasts are rising, this camera system offers valuable information. The camera`s light intensity is so high that it is possible to see more than the naked eye.
Mag. Christian Stefan, Head of the ZAMG Klagenfurt Customer Service Centre

Weather data around the clock – PanoCloud solutions display current weather conditions as well as a weather forecast for the next three days in the webcam image, so that visitors are always informed. With an available light cam, you can manage the weather even at night – ideally suited for flight fun.

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Our PanoCloud Available Light Cam sees more than the human eye. Even at night, thanks to ingenious exposure software, it shines off the region day in and day out. Difficult lighting conditions with light and dark areas are no problem and are optimally exposed. This system is designed for meteorology to determine the daytime and nighttime cloud situation or for air traffic. Especially for air traffic, it is of great importance to also assess visibility and visual flight connections at night.

Combined with a weather station on site, you will receive precise weather data for your airfield or your guests’ leisure plans. In addition to temperature, air pressure, humidity, amount of precipitation, duration of sunshine as well as wind speed and wind direction are measured.

The Available Light Cam is a robust outdoor camera that has been used successfully at Austro Control for several years.  To make even better use of the images, our time-lapse player is a useful extension. Selecting any period of time and playing the appropriate time-lapse film makes it possible to recognize tendencies.

PanoCloud webcams with weather stations are used for your airfield and air sports. We are happy to design the optimal solution for your location.

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Current weather data – Weather data and current live webcam images are important for your flight comfort and enjoyment. Thanks to well-measured weather data and high-resolution images from our PanoCloud webcam with weather station, it is easy to prepare for the best possible flight. In addition, the weather conditions are always available via mobile phone.

In addition, water temperatures can be simply measure for the bathing fun of your guests at the lake, the sea or at the pool.




  • a weather station provides exact measurements on site
  • water temperatures inform your guests on vacation
  • displayed weather forecasts from partners and web platforms
  • night images are as bright as day with an available light cam – suitable for air traffic
  • set visual markers thanks to PanoCloud Viewer for optimal flight experience
  • systems suitable for tracking cloud and weather changes
  • image archive with time-lapse films – ideal to recognise tendencies


Meteorology solution