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Weather Stations for Construction Sites


Record important weather data directly at your construction site. From many years of experience we know that questions arise again and again during a construction project, such as:

• Is the weather suitable for concreting?
• What is the current temperature on the construction site?
• How was the weather on day …?

A weather station supports you with important decisions and enables you to search for archived weather data afterwards. In combination with one of our construction site cams you always have everything in view! The weather stations can be used regardless of the location of the construction site cam or even without one.

Here is an example of the graphical representation of the weather data and access to the current weather data:



The advantages for you:

• easy installation e.g. on the roof of a construction container
• current weather data directly from the location of the construction site
• overlay of the weather values ​​in the image of the construction site cams
• 3 day weather forecast
• archiving of the weather data from the FIRST day of installation
• graphic display of the archived weather data
• interface for data export (e.g. for your construction diary)


Possible variants for your construction sites:

Basic weather station: Temperature sensor in the weather hut
Precision weather station: Sensors for temperature, humidity, air pressure, precipitation, wind speed and wind direction including weather hut