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Pure nature with JUST Switzerland at Lake Constance in Walzenhausen

JUST herbal and plant care has been developing and producing of the highest Swiss quality for over 90 years. In 34 countries worldwide, the products for health, beauty and well-being come to your home through personal advice in direct sales. At JUST we rely on the natural power of plants, which our development experts use the latest processing and manufacturing technologies to perfect

Experience unique natural wonders in all seasons in Walzenhausen! With the new 360° panorama camera you can explore the region around Walzenhausen in virtual reality. On your «tour» you will discover the new and modern business and production buildings of JUST Schweiz AG as well as the train station from which the Walzenhausen – Rheineck cable car, also called “Walzehuse-Bähnli”, has been connecting Walzenhausen with Rheineck since 1896.

These fantastic impressions of Walzenhausen invites you to explore further on a personal visit. Visit the Grimmenstein Monastery from 1378, where numerous medicinal plants in old and new recipes as home remedies are very popular today. Immerse yourself in the world of herbal and plant care on a tour of the JUST company and discover the secrets of the production of cosmetic and household products on this tour. Linger on the Rebberg at the “Gupfen” in the vineyard with a glass of white or red wine from the region.

…in any case, enjoy a spectacular view of Lake Constance!