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Live stream of 3D painting for environmental and climate protection

At the Pyramidenkogel, covering an area of ​​1350 square meters, the artist Gregor Wosik paints the largest three-dimensional painting for environmental and climate protection. The painting features portraits of US President Donald Trump, Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the main polluters.

Mayor Karl Dovjak wants to set an example with this sensational art project. Dovjak: „The main purpose of this 3D image is to make everyone aware that we can all do something. But the most important thing is that the leaders of the big nations realise that you can not continue as if nothing is wrong!“

Explore the painting now via live stream at the Pyramidenkogel or via Facebook Live, on YouTube or just drop by. This gigantic masterpiece will be on view until the 21st of November. In order to offer visitors the opportunity to marvel at the glowing 3D image in the evening, the Pyramidenkogel lookout tower is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until 8 pm in October.

More information about the artwork can be found here.