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The new PanoCloud catalogue is here!


Welcome to the world of PanoCloud!

Our new catalogue presents PanoCloud solutions with all marketing benefits at one glance. Thanks to our PanoCloud Viewer, you will be able to show not only unique panoramas of your destination, but also information about news and events in the webcam image. Hereby you can easily inform your guests simply via links or the customer menu. In particular, the functions of the viewer are presented in detail, such as the virtual reality or real-time streaming function. Thus, your website becomes a successful interactive event.

In addition to gorgeous webcam images, the distribution of your webcam location is very important to us. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that in addition to wetter.com we have also been able to win webcams.travel and other webcam partner platforms. This distribution is of course included for you as a media package!

Read more about your options with a PanoCloud system. We are happy to send you a copy on request!