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Vent – the mountain climber village presents itself

The Mountain Railways in Vent and the Ötztal Tourism have decided to present the skiing and hiking area by new webcams. The 360° panorama camera makes it possible to get a magnificent overview of the idyllic skiing area from the chairlift Wildspitze. A time-displaced live video clip with moving images shows the happy hustle and bustle. It is transferred by an additional camera at the summit station of the chairlift Wildspitze to illustrate the inviting hiking trails and the well – prepared pistes. The 4K 8,3 megapixel camera is a special highlight showing a wonderful view of Vent. This remote site could only be implemented by installing a solar system for the power supply and a radio link to the valley.

In summary, the new webcams give a wonderful impression of the alpine mountain village Vent and its pleasant skiing area.

Blick auf Vent

Links: 360° Panoramacamera,  Live Video Clip,  4K Ultra HD camera (Solar system)