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360° Panorama Camera at Pyramidenkogel

360° Panorama Camera Pyramidenkogel

Everything new at the Pyramidenkogel! Simultaneously with the completion of the new highest wooden watch tower of the world at Pyramidenkogel, a new 360° Panorama Camera displays the breath-taking view of Lake Woerth and the Keutschacher Seental.

The Panorama Picture with a resolution of nearly 150 megapixels shows each and every detail of the wonderful environment. You can enjoy the most beautiful motifs by zooming into the individual pictures. The atmosphere of the unique environment can be captured even more effectively with the help of HD Video Clip.

With different template pages, partners can display their individual hotspots and the relevant events and campaigns are announced on the scroll bar, the editable news ticker.

For the maxium effekt, we would rather let the pictures speak for themselves:

Links:  Overview   Panorama Picture   HD LiveVideoClip