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Live videoclips with every internet connection for 39,- EUR per month

Top Feature - Current spherical panorama pictures in Virtual Reality (VR)

Also available on tablets and smartphones

Unique worldwide - up to 300 megapixel panorama pictures


  • 180° Pano Construction Site Camera System at Ried

    To use the construction phase optimally for marketing purposes, the Spar European Shopping Centers GmbH has decided to record the reconstruction of the Ried Shopping Centre in the Inn district with our 180° Panorama Construction Site Camera.
  • 360° Panorama Camera at Pyramidenkogel

    Everything new at the Pyramidenkogel! Simultaneously with the completion of the new highest wooden watch tower of the world at Pyramidenkogel, a new 360° Panorama Camera displays the breath-taking view of Lake Woerth and the Keutschacher Seental.
  • 340° Panorama Camera at Schöckl

    Our new HDTV (720p) Panorama Camera went online today at Schöckl.