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Live videoclips with every internet connection for 39,- EUR per month

Top Feature - Current spherical panorama pictures in Virtual Reality (VR)

Also available on tablets and smartphones

Unique worldwide - up to 300 megapixel panorama pictures


The secret of success is to understand the other. (H. Ford)
We have been developing, planning and installing professional panorama cameras and weather information systems. We have already realised more than 600 projects successfully in 7 countries. WebMediaSolutions products range from snapshot systems to complex panorama picture systems combined with weather stations. We also supply autonomous systems with solar power units and mobile data transmission. Our cuctomers particularely appreciate our great experience as well as our high flexibility, quality and stability of our systems.


As we have been installing and operating systems in the high mountains, we can supply robust systems that can resist extreme meteorological conditions. Configuration changes are made possible by remote maintenance.


All components are subjected to numerous tests before they are installed. Thus, the images (data) generated are of excellent quality.


Our systems are adapted to your needs. If required, data transmission can be carried out via LAN, ISDN, XDSL,WLAN or GPRS/UMTS.


 Our team has skills in the following sciences:
  • Electronics, electrical engineering
  • Network technology, IT
  • Video technology, studio technology
  • Programming of systems