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Live videoclips with every internet connection for 39,- EUR per month

Top Feature - Current spherical panorama pictures in Virtual Reality (VR)

Also available on tablets and smartphones

Unique worldwide - up to 300 megapixel panorama pictures

Become a partner

Win-Win situation

As a partner, you consult your customers and install the hardware (camera) for them, the software comes from WebMediaSolutions.

Advantages for the customer and the dealer  

  • You advise, sell (and install*) the camera
  • You are near the end customer as a contact. You perform the installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of the hardware.
  • We provide a software service which delivers pictures and clips of sensational quality and offers new marketing opportunities!
  • We provide support for troubleshooting.

 *You are expected to install the camera or commission the installation of the camera.

Just install and configure the camera, we will do everything else via remote access. We create the setup according to your specifications. We also coordinate these steps directly with the end customer if you want.
The Cloud Service runs on our server platform in a modern computing centre with uninterruptible, redundant power supply (UPS), high-speed Internet backbone, security access systems, fire extinguishing systems...

We deliver sensational pictures and marketing opportunities!